I grew up in the North more specifically the scenic world Ngurunit, which is located up In the north Kenya, the area is occupied by Rendille and few Samburu’s who came from rift valley, I always though You may have been to different parts of the world, but I pity a man who have never stepped his legs at Ngurnit, the place is located in between the Ndotto Ranges with numerous hills  creating a Panorama of jagged peaks and valleys, on the Northern side of Kenya, the places is an oasis like which exist in semi desert bush, this natural world had captured my interest for almost as long as I can remember, every single day when I wake up in the morning and I take a glaze on the peaks of Ndotto, stretching all around the oasis shaped Region, makes me feel I was in paradise. The place has no network people have to go for two Kilometres if you want to make a call or access signal
I may say it preoccupied my desires for every activity I use to love the most: hikes, swimming, nature walks, traditional Moran Dances and many others, but most of the time the nature dragged me away from home, either for studies or for other travels purposes. Every time I drove out or into Ngurunit, my view to those mountains is like they are telling me, hey young man don’t forget where you come from
The region has seasonal river which runs with a free flowing-clear water with a scenic setting, on the portion left by the bush, Ngurunit river retains its natural attributes, it’s like a preserved unique Portion of the environment, it serves as refuge for both domestic and wild animals, as well as those seeking solitude and calmness in natures realm , people lay on the warm sand as the water runs through their bodies but this is only during the day when the Sun is shining and making the flowing water warm, Camels love to roll and turn in the shallow water to clean their dusty bodies, Natural swimming pools have always been there, sliding rocks which they named Bath taps, every afternoon you could fine teenagers and youths flocked at the sliding rocks having fun,
Hiking and pick nicks is another great activity Ngurunit youths love the most, it’s almost an habit that all Holidays youths plan for hikes and that was my best part of the holidays,  for the many years I have always went for hikes with my friends when I was a teenager, which perhaps was the reason why I develop an average desire for hikes, I eventually discovered this after doing several short hikes, that it’s not only the place that people discover only the trail but what they have inside themselves, the endurance, perseverance, perspective,
I have met many people both young and old, literate and illiterate, both in Ngurunit and its out parts stretching all the way to south-horr and far north Loyangalani from north-eastern side and korr, Logologo to Marsabit town on southward of Ngurunit, I bet you will read friendly welcoming faces, this people love Traditional  activities of which most of them are traditional Dances, it’s mostly done on special occasions,  They are the most active I could tell when it comes to dances, from young to old, they could dance until they are really tired, the people from this region are very hardworking especially women, they have shown a lot of hard work to generate many to their homes, they weave baskets which are transported and sold in other towns, they do small businesses at their homes, which they call Merry go round business, people from this region don’t really have much but they are very happy with the much they have I could say that, I though it’s all because of how the region is , not influenced by other out comers.
The region has also attracted tourist and other people around the Kenya, people drive all the way across the desert to go to Ngurunit for Vacations, it’s a silent place where no one will disturb you as long as you could be there, I may say it’s a refuge for those seeking silence and undisturbed, the whites could camp there for weeks, visit the villages and participate in the traditional dances and other local activities, other Kenyans from other communities have also developed camping habits at Ngurunit but this always happens during Christmas holidays and Easter holidays, Ngurnit may be an outskirt of the developed world but it will still remain to be a different world, Paradise in the desert.V

The ngurunit mt Poi, trip 1

for the few years I have always went for hikes with my friends when I was a teenager, which perhaps was the reason why I develop an average desire for hikes, I eventually discovered this after doing several short hikes, that it’s not only the place that people discover only the trail but what they have inside themselves, the endurance, perseverance, perspective, here we go my trip to the Famous Mountain (Mt Poi) just few miles from Ngurunit Facing Ilaut and south-horr, the challenge is on the way,,, and that’s the feeling, couldn’t tell how the trail will be


the journey  was so energized in the beginning till we come to a point where every stride we made was slowed by the steep trail on the shadow of the beadlike mountain, but we were only half way, a moran Lekuye and a man of roughly 40s  were my colleagues for the hike, the man my seem old but I bet you want compete with him, he is like a renewable energized figure, he couldn’t even thing of a rest,



I never doubted that the moran could be tired too this is a feeling of wich could be inherent from the beliefs’ of my cultural perspective that a moran must always be strong and never give up, whatsoever, but am sure I was wrong, we are all sweaty, aching and more than half way through, the old man is a half a mile ahead of us, followed by the moran and I finished the line behinde